Shaken Baby Syndrome: literature review in the last 5 years




Shaken baby syndrome, Abusive head trauma, Child abuse, Traumatic brain injury, Nonaccidental trauma


Background: The aim of this study was to perform a narrative review on what the literature about shaken baby syndrome brought us in the last five years. Methods: A search on PubMed and Scielo using the keywords ´´Shaken Baby Syndrome´´, ´´Abusive Head Trauma´´ and ´´Síndrome do Bebê Sacudido´´ found 842 articles. After apply the inclusion and exclusion criteria we defined the sample corpus in 54 articles.

Results: In the last five years several medico-legal debates have taken place discussing the controversies in the pathophysiology and diagnosis of abusive head trauma. Despite this, it is still the most common cause of brain damage in child. Prevention methods were created and tested. Although some have been successful they need some adaptations to improve the effectiveness.

Conclusion: The Shaken Baby Syndrome is a high incidence disease that involves several neurological, cognitive and motor impairments. Because of that new research needs to be done to improve our knowledge about this type of trauma and the effectiveness of the prevention methods.


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