Microsurgical treatment of a large posterior fossa arachnoid cyst





microneurosurgery, arachnoid cyst, posterior fossa, fourth ventricle


Introduction: Arachnoid cysts are fluid-filled malformations of the arachnoid tissue. A prevalence in children of 2,6% has been reported[2,3]. Surgical strategies of treatment include open surgery with cyst wall excision , endoscopic fenestration or cystoperitoneal shunting[1,4]. Methods: In this video case, we described the case of a 1 year and 7 months old child who presented with motor development delay, unable to walk, who underwent microsurgical resection of a large posterior fossa arachnoid cyst and communication with the fourth ventricle. Conclusion: Microsurgery approach provides a safe anatomic control over the cyst and the recognition of floor of the fourth ventricle.



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2020-12-06 — Updated on 2020-12-06

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Furtado LMF, Val Filho JA da C, Dantas F, de Sousa CM. Microsurgical treatment of a large posterior fossa arachnoid cyst. Arch Pediat Neurosurg [Internet]. 2020Dec.6 [cited 2021Dec.2];2(3(September-December):e592020. Available from: https://www.archpedneurosurg.com.br/pkp/index.php/sbnped2019/article/view/59

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