Call for Papers: Arachnoid Cysts

Call for Papers: Arachnoid Cysts

Submission deadline: July 31, 2022

Arachnoid cysts are the most common type of brain cyst. They are often congenital, or present at birth (primary arachnoid cysts). Head injury or trauma can also result in a secondary arachnoid cyst. The cysts are fluid-filled sacs, not tumors. Although they present an easy diagnosis, the conduct regarding their treatment is still  controversial.


Archives of Pediatric Neurosurgery  welcomes the submission of manuscripts in these and other areas. Topics of interest include preclinical studies, clinical research, prehospital management, imaging and others. 

Articles should be prepared in compliance with Archives of Pediatric Neurosurgery  Instructions for Authors and submitted through the journal's Editorial Manager submission portal.

Please be sure to indicate in your cover letter that you are submitting in reply to this Call for Papers. Pre-submission approval via a proposal is not required.

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